About us


To build healthier tomorrows and stronger communities around the world

Our work

Oracle Health Foundation delivers pediatric grants and school-based wellness programs to create healthier tomorrows and stronger communities.

We believe all children deserve access to the healthcare they need, no matter their life circumstances, and we strive toward a world in which that's the reality.

Pediatric grants

Life-changing and life-saving grants for life-saving organ transplants, custom wheelchairs so children can safely explore the world around them, travel expenses to help families stay together during treatment, physical therapy, and more.

School programs

In-school wellness screenings to elementary school students; social-emotional support and education initiatives to middle school students; health education to high school students; and much more.

Care kits

Delivering essentials like toothbrushes, pajamas, and diapers to children experiencing homelessness or entering the foster care system.

Together, we’re creating healthier tomorrows for children around the world.